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Outsourced Services

Once your start-up is complete, CCA can help support and maintain your new operations.

Managing a new start-up is already a challenge. Being ~7,000 miles away, speaking a different language, and being 12 hours behind, compounds those challenges. 


Let CCA-IM make the start-up operations easier. CCA-IM can host your small operations at one of our hosted facilities in Shanghai and Zhuhai China:



  • Western Grade Office & IT Infrastructure

    • Designated Office, IT infrastructure and support, shared office equipment, conference rooms, canteen space, utilities, etc.

  • Financial Management

    • Bank account management, accounting, monthly regulatory tax filings, disbursement, payables, and payroll in China and US format

  • HR Management and Oversight

    • Social benefits coordination, employment contract management, on-boarding and leave management, employee handbook maintenance, etc.

    • Help to create US corporate culture and staff morale

  • Operations Oversight

    • Regulatory Compliance, Supervisory, Outside Services

Outsourced Payroll and Social Benefits Management

CCA-IM’s HR team has decades of experience working with multinational companies. CCA-IM can manage your payroll and social benefits on your behalf domestically. CCA-IM will provide you with a bilingual monthly payroll and expense report for your approval and coordinate the appropriate payment disbursements including income tax, social insurance, and housing fund.

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